Ritual Dementia


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released January 10, 2019


all rights reserved



RHYTHM OF FEAR Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Ritual Dementia
Welcome to the realm of the damned,
Forgotten souls of another kind.
Reborn into the shadows,
Same time and place where you lost your mind.

Feast from my flesh
The blood which surrounds you
Vault of sickness,
You will dwell in helpless misery.

Senses become like shards,
The feeling surrounds you.
Evilness in it's purest form,
No destiny to choose.

Possessed now forever,
Controlled by the venomous one.
It's bite so sweet, you crave more.

The ritual is never ending,
Performing the rites of thee.
Vow to the secret oath,
Forget everything

Possessed now forever
Ritual dementia

Feast from my flesh,
Drowning in the blood of thee.
Vault of sickness,
You will dwell in misery.
Track Name: Vortex of Torment
Always thinking, never speak
Holding in every single thought
My mind always in restraints
What’s left of sanity always fades

Slowly slipping from life’s grip,
The light you shed on me burns the skin,
God of misery I pray,
Rid me from this terrible pain

All of this rage
Inside of me

Vortex of torment, Cyclone of misery
This mental prison will not set me free.
Track Name: Life's Disease
Slipping through the cracks of your reality.
Face to face with life’s disease,
Forcing you down on your knees.
The thought of life is haunting me.
Day to day, fear ensues, what is it you’re going to do?

The Reapers breathing down my neck
Rotting away till there’s nothing left
The Reapers breathing down my neck
Rotting away till there’s nothing left

Searching for a cure that can’t be found
As I turn hourglass upside down
Show me that there more to life than this
Or am I sentenced to life in the abyss

Harvesting the pieces to restore my sanity
Face to face with the reaper you see
Death is the only guarantee
The thought of death is haunting me
The bond of life is paid in blood, living life misunderstood.
Track Name: Slithering Madness
Born, amongst the filth,
seeing, only, death.
Wasted, time with faith,
losing consciousness.

The panic, won’t resist,
Deceived by the serpents kiss.
Can’t find hope while humanity slips,
A wolf amongst the sheep.

A plague born inside.
Slithering madness

Worldwide poison,
flowing through our veins.
can’t, protect ourselves,
life begins to drain.

A plague born inside.
His infernal,
will rise.

His knife, is at your throat,
scream without a sound.
The blood, is at your feet,
as you begin to drown.
Track Name: Holy Venom
Moving slowly and stalking me,
Bowing down to a force that I cannot see
Straightening a path of crooked ways,

Promises made from a book you betray.
From your so called truth please deliver me, offering myself, so take this, air that I breathe.

Delivering a sacred strike
Acid burning in my veins
Poisoning our state of mind
Preaching this sermon of hate

Distorting the truth, believing fallacy
Disciple of light shine down on me
Content with feeding the beast so you can leave this place

Disfiguring your flesh decaying of your brain
The venom slowly coursing, entering your vein
Singing this gospel of death, is the only pain, the sermon of hatred, eating at your brain.

Defiling secular beings standing in his way
Dropping to your knees slowly he begins to prey.
Give your life, feel the sting or it’s hell that you’ll pay.
Accepting of the holy venom that’s the only way.
12 bodies piling more begin to follow
The bodies of the souls you claim stand there stiff and hollow.
Twist their minds and their souls that’s their only fate.
There is no golden roads its true hell you create

I deny your Holy Venom

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