Maze Of Confusion


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First full-length album from Rhythm Of Fear.


released March 18, 2016



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RHYTHM OF FEAR Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Ten Theories
Open your eyes and shut your mouth,
And feast your eyes on me.
Because what you're about to see,
Is my take on a twisted reality.
I place a thought within your head,
Manipulate your mind.
There's truth in what they say,
The hand is quicker than the eye.
Open your eyes and shut your mouth,
And feast your eyes on me.
Because what you're about to see is my reality.
I will deceive you.

Fifty two oracles decide your fate,
The suited oracles, they will await.
You to lock me out,
And turn away from me.
But my brain is the key that sets my mind free.

Deceive you, believe me.
Power of darkness bestowed on me.

God or human? No one knows.
Incantations, conjuring.

The ten theories,
It's what I live for, it's what I breathe.
The ten theories,
It's what I die for, it's what I bleed.
Track Name: Ask The Tarot
Descending from the tree where he hangs,
Carefully moving through.
The fallow fields, still clearing his head.
He doesn't know the journey ahead.
Feeling empty and he's feeling sad.
But no memories to turn to.
The air grows cold the fog grows thick.
Quickly making the hair stand on his neck.

Ask the tarot.
The card is dealt.
Ask the tarot.

Ask the tarot.
Tarot chooses death.
Ask the tarot.

He left it all behind.
The old world, memories, and his past.
The trees will wither, leaves will fall.

This is only the beginning,
Death is not the end.

I am death.

I am death, bringer of the end.
Come lost soul, take my hand.
Walk with me on this path.
Silencing the stricken, as I laugh.

I am death, I will come for you.
There is nothing you can do.
Track Name: Dark Energy
No bounds, no limits.
Dark energy of the ancient spirit.
Release the pain of your primal fears.
Open your mind, let me crawl in.
A search for consciousness is not a sin.

As the darkness falls away,
Your bones become so cold.
A silence starts to erupt,
As you let yourself go.
A prisoner, I'm bound by light.
Can't keep me, this you know.
Break free into the night,
Dark energy will flow.

You breathe it in,
The moonlight reflects off your pale soft skin.
And then the spells sets in.
Track Name: Soul Turns Black
Your time coming to an end.
Look around, where's your friends?
Had the chance, and you lied.
No one here by your side.

Why can't you see? You've crossed me.
Wake up and realize, your end is near.
You're gonna burn for the things you've done.

Feel the flames at your back.
Now your soul turns black.
Feel the flames at your back.
Now your soul turns black.
Track Name: Maze Of Confusion
Trapped inside with no way out,
No more peace, only doubt.
Born inside this hell, forever lost.
Un-Godly creation,
Blind will lead the blind.
No one exists here, only time.

Mass illusion,
Eternal confusion.

Mental force to control the weak,
Live in darkness, light is all I seek.
Climb these walls, no end in sight.
Tracing my footsteps, running out of time.

Now there's nothing left,
Death around every corner.
So many questions I have,
That no one can answer.

Trapped inside I'm all alone,
For my fate is carved in stone.
Track Name: Brain Freeze
Blinded by senseless rage,
Cold blooded, can't feel the pain.
Psychotic, what's wrong with me?
Paranoia building up, about to snap,
The bodies piles, over the edge,
I feel so numb.

Brain freeze.

Heart carved from ice, my blood runs cold.
Cyanide courses through the veins.
Your heart stops to fulfill my gain.
Blank stares, my terror reigns.

Twisted criminal mind,
When I kill I freeze the time.
My face is the last you'll see.
The only thing between you and me,
Is nothing as far as I see.
I'll stop at nothing to watch you bleed.

Brain freeze.

Into the blood, is where I stare,
As I see the devil standing there.
Nobody knows, reflections of myself.
I don't seek forgiveness for all the souls that I keep.
Taking a life isn't for the weak.

Twisted criminal mind,
When I kill I freeze the time.
My face is the last you'll see.
The only thing between you and me,
Is nothing as far as I see.
I'll stop at nothing to watch you bleed.

Blank stares, my terror reigns.
Track Name: Chemically Controlled
Fill the air with fumes of poison,
Cancer driven clouds of death.
Geo-engineered to destroy the atmosphere,
Once before the sky was clear.

Can't explain the reason why,
That we must pollute the sky.
Filling my lungs with shards of glass,
The coming end, this too shall pass.
Mother earth will seal our fate,
From the death that we create.

Control our minds,
Decrease the life within our souls.
The world has never felt this cold.
Diminish the life within us,
The human race destroys itself.
Increased confusion of what's right,
Population control to decrease life.

What are they plotting on us everyday,
To control the populations?
Bound by fear, the end is here.
Master plan to destroy us all,
Chemically controlled.
Watch the sky fall.
Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors
I'm trapped inside my head,
Running to an endless horizon.
A lonely desolate place,
Where I take to the darkness.
Finding a warm comfort in being alone,
I'm used to feeling alone.

What turns me away
are the spineless lies,
In which I've come to know.
The sin that deceives me,
Is the sin that loves you so.

You tell me these things and I want to believe,
I want to believe
But you keep on lying to me,
You're lying to me, you're lying to me.
Track Name: Corrupt Nation
Our government misleading all of us,
Corrupt politicians that we can never trust.
Why don't you look around?
And see the proof.
We're being kept from the truth.

This world belongs to you and me.
So stand up and do something.
Don't pretend we're gonna be okay.

Our loved ones are living on the streets,
Suffering with no food to eat.
This world has got to change,
Before we all go up in flames.
Track Name: Fire In The Sky
Through the darkness comes nocturnal light,
Close encounter of the second kind.

Secrets kept from the world,
The truth sugarcoated with deceit.
A strange calm in your silence,
Do you come to take,
Come to take me?

Fire in the sky,
I don't know what dwells inside.

Fear for my life,
I don't know what dwells inside!
Track Name: Tribulation
The things you say, the things you do.
Won't change the way, I think of you.
Tribulation is on it's way,
And your eyes won't see the day.

Forgive me father, for I will sin.
Tormented thoughts inside my head.
A fresh start is all I ask,
To wipe away things of my past.

What should I do to break free?
What should I do? Please god help me.
Track Name: Devil's Chair (ft. Eddie Leeway)
Final words there's nothing left,
Gotta say my one last prayer.
Clouded vision evil thoughts,
Idle hands are unaware.
My soul is bound,
Heavy shackles lay on my wrists.
Hell's fury burns on the inside,
As I clinch my immortal fist.

A noose around my neck wrapped in devil's hair.
Are you man enough to sit in the devil's chair?
When's the moons at its highest,
Will you come alone?
Are you man enough to sit in the devil's throne?

Your appearance is more clear,
As the moon rises high.
Crimson blood rains from the sky,
We now see eye to eye.

The taste of ash in my mouth,
I never said my goodbyes.
Crying is for the weak they say,
The feel of blood in my eyes.

When the moon is high,
Blood rains from the sky.
There are no goodbyes,
You bought the lie.

Taste the fear.
Rhythm of fear.